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Acquisition Integration Services

Acquisition announcements appear like glamorous news events for casual observers, but they are in fact complex events that test the resilience, will, skill, and leadership skills of managers and employees of the acquiring firm, as well of the firm being acquired. Often, an outside consulting intervention is needed to document and define the future state of the combined entities, and help management navigate the development of integration strategies to achieve the synergistic values that form the core of acquisitions.

Our firm has worked on major business integrations, and has acquired integration lifecycle experience that can add significant value to firms that have already identified strategic acquisitions as a major growth component of their Long Term Strategic Plan.

Acquisitions are often justified on significant future value creation and large synergies. Without an experienced consulting team aiding management, management faces the daunting task of running current operations, while at the same time unlocking the values that justified the purchase price paid for a company.

Our firm is uniquely qualified to help your management take on acquisition challenges with minimal interruption to your base business.