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Valuation Services

Business and brand valuations are integral part of acquisitions. Our firm has developed experience in performing valuations of entire businesses, large and small, and other valuable intangible assets, such as Brands that often drive the intrinsic value of companies. We have performed full scope valuations for clients in consumer goods, building component manufacturing, and professional service firms, as part of either acquisition integration, business entry, and exit strategies.

Our firm will perform a professional valuation of your company or intangibles, whether it involves executing an exit strategy, a new acquisition program, an asset allocation decision, or a sale due to a major life cycle event.

If you own a business, want to protect your wealth, or determine how much an asset is worth, you will at some point need professional valuation services. It may be to:

  • Assist with selling your business
  • Obtain financing from a lender for the purchase of a business
  • Plan for a merger, acquisition or stock offering
  • Develop an estate or tax plan to protect your wealth
  • Create a succession plan
  • Determine the value of assets and liabilities for a divorce settlement
  • Assist attorneys in litigation
  • File an insurance claim


Whatever its purpose, valuation is a widely used discipline that can play a key role in helping you achieve your financial goals. Business valuation professionals can give you the answer. Business valuation is a complex process requiring broad knowledge of accounting, finance, economics and business, expert application of recognized valuation methodologies, and diligent adherence to professional standards. When expert valuation services are needed, choose the CPA/ABV mark of excellence.

It is critical to determine the purpose of the valuation and what the practitioner will include in the estimate of value. This determination shapes the choice and application of valuation methods, because different approaches and concepts may be more appropriate for different purposes.

You want an expert whose training and experience enable him or her to apply an appropriate methodology and derive a value that is both reasonable and supportable. You also want someone who has a thorough understanding of the financial and operational aspects of your business.